Conor McGarry

Going to the gym shouldn't be a chore; mindful exercise is an investment in your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. I strive to break movents down to their basics and to execute them with perfect form to yield the highest level of results your body is capable of.

Fitness and nutrition have been a passion of mine since an early age; I played just about every sport under the sun until I found dance through musical theatre. I have trained in classical ballet, jazz, and tap which I use as major influences in the way I train. I understand the struggle of juggling a strenuous career while still maintaining your physical health as a priority seems like a daunting task. I have tailored my workout style to not waste a second in the gym so that every minute you are working out is well spent.

My philosophy as a personal trainer is to give your body only what it wants and to let it do what it is supposed to do. I apply this to both fitness and nutrition; deciding to live a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to spend hours a day in the gym or count every calorie. Making a few smart adjustments to your lifestyle are all it takes to start towards becoming a healthier happier you.

BA from DePaul


body weight training, balance training, ballet barre, flexibility training, and strength training.

Expert Trainer

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