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Christine LaPak

Christine LaPak_tnWhile growing up, Christine was a competitive figure skater traveling all over the country to compete and an avid runner. She began her yoga practice during her college years as a way to keep active and flexible. She quickly became a devout yogi, and through her appreciation for and commitment to the practice, she gained many benefits beyond the physical ones. Eager to make yoga a much bigger part of her life, Christine enrolled in Teaching Training. Her time on the mat started as a journey for physical exercise and evolved into a daily practice that healed her physically and mentally. Christine holds her M.A. in School Social Work and loves to work and help others. She believes yoga can be therapeutic. Christine's classes are grounded in her own life experiences on and off the mat. She hopes to guide students, no matter what stage they are at in their practice, to grow, challenge, and discover their own yoga path.

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