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Cassidy Hill

CASSIDY HILLIntroduction
I tell everyone I meet that Personal Training is the best gig in the world. I make genuine connections every day and guide people down the path toward The Best Version of Themselves. Any accomplishment, however small—an extra repetition, a new personal record, a lower number on the scale--is a true reward. Many years ago, I vowed to change just one person’s life: my own. I was overweight, unhappy with my body, unmotivated, and convinced that this would be my life forever. It started with one short, wheezy jog around the block. It grew into 60lbs of weight loss and a career in fitness. My goal is to connect with people and let them know that they are not alone; fitness can be achieved. Let’s do this together.

President of Tae Kwon Do Club at the University of Florida

National Federation of Professional Trainers: Certified Personal Trainer

Strength training, conditioning, weight loss, martial arts

Specialist Trainer

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