Bin Zhong

My dream was to work in the fitness and health field ever since I started playing basketball at the age of 7. I was always relatively fit because I was involved in sports on a daily basis. However after college began, I stopped exercising and developed poor eating habits when new life stressors were introduced. By junior year in college I was severely overweight, weighing 285 pounds with a BMI of 37.6. After neglecting my health for so long, I dedicated numerous hours into reading fitness research articles and watching personal training and bodybuilding videos. After 8 months of sticking to a healthy diet and working out frequently, I lost 85 pounds and felt the best in my life mentally and physically. Many friends came to me to coach them through their first workouts and the training process was enjoyable for all of us. I want to continue using my knowledge and passion to help others live healthier lifestyles!

B.S., Psychology
Related Courses: Sport & Exercise Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Ingestive Behavior
Psychology Research (3+ years)
Basketball (10+ years)
Esports Coach (2+ years)


Weight Management, Fat Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Muscle Hypertrophy, Plyometrics, Nutrition

Expert Trainer          

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