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Amy Becker


AMY BECKERIntroduction
Exercise has been the number one way I have coped with any hardships in life successfully. I was a dancer in high school, and a collegiate track and cross country runner. I chose exercise science as my major because I realize how important exercise is not only to physical but also mental health, and wanted to help others discover that as well! I take a whole person approach, and tailor needs to each individual. I have experience training all different levels of fitness, from professional ballerinas, to getting clients ready for different running races,as well as gaining strength and building muscle, to people who have never worked out before. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, I am excited to be a part of helping you reach your goals.

Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science , North Park University


Strength training, High intensity interval training, Athletic performance conditioning/ training, Weight loss, Lifestyle coaching, Nutrition coaching

Lincoln Park

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