Program Details

Swimming Program

  • K-3rd Grade:
    Tuesdays 3:30-4:15pm
    April 23 through June 4 (7 weeks)
    Cost: $160

    The children will learn how to swim or work on their stroke technique in 3 levels:

    Level 1: Water Fundamentals - Fully submerge face, experience buoyancy, bubble blowing, front and back kicks, prone and supine push off and glide, safely enter and exit water.

    Level 2: Stroke Development -  Combined arm and kick action, freestyle, backstroke, retrieve object, jump and dive in deep water, tread water.

    Level 3: Stroke Improvement -  Perfect freestyle, backstroke, learn breaststroke, butterfly motion, endurance, treading, underwater swimming, and diving.

Please do not call LVAC prior to receiving your email confirmation as the front desk staff do not have access to the climbing and swimming program rosters and will not be able to give out any information.