Traveling? Staying in town? You can do the challenge either way!

Check in 20 times in December and earn 800 points.
Track 25 workouts in the app and earn 800 points.
Do BOTH for a total 1600 points!
(fun fact: you will also earn the regular daily points values for check ins and workouts)

Win your choice of prizes:

** Please note: The Holliday Challenge is not listed as a challenge in the app. For the Holiday Challenge, we are using a new “frequency reward” function in Perkville. This allows for the points to be awarded automatically come January 1.  So all YOU have to do is check in or log your workout for the day in the app!  See additional instructions below.

Choose your challenge:
Club Check-ins: Check-in to the club 20 times in the month of December to earn 800 points. To see all your check ins and track all your points make sure you have registered with our rewards program.  

Track Your Workout: In the CAC app, click on the Record a Workout tile. Then track a workout by choosing to either "RECORD MANUALLY" or use the XCAPTURE to record your workout.
If you choose to record a "MISSED WORKOUT" that will not be counted toward the challenge. You must track your workout on the day that you do it. 
You can also track a workout daily by using a connected fitness device!

Need the CAC App: Click below or search your app store for "chicago athletic clubs".

Android_App.png  app_download.png

Already have the CAC App: Make sure that you are logged in using this email address (the one we have on file for you). If the email address that you created your Xid and app profile is different from the email that we have in our system (this email) then your tracked workouts will not be synched with the challenge!
Our system, CAC Rewards and CAC App (all different platforms) must all have the same email in order for all reward activities to synch together.

Don't have a smartphone? No worries, you can still do the check in portion of the challenge without ever using the app! 

Points will be added automatically at one time by January 2nd. 
Please feel free to reach out to CAC customer service and membership staff for additional questions about the challenge.

Happy Holidays & Good Luck on the CHALLENGE!

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