New 8 week session begins Monday, January 7th – Wednesday, March 13th

Days & Times 
1.0: Mondays/Wednesdays from 5:30-6:00pm
2.0: Wednesday mornings from 6:00-7:00am CURRENTLY FULL!

Cost: $195/8 week session
Trainer: Nikki Veit

This program is designed to get women feeling confident in the weight room. Whether you are looking to perfect your form, increase your load, or get out of your comfort zone, this program is looking for women like you.

This 8-week program will progress you from a foundation of stability and mobility to isolated exercises for each muscle group to full-body compound movements that are all certain to boost your metabolism and confidence! The fee for this program is only $195 (that's 24.37/week!) and will include electronic copies of each workout, access to articles for education and personal check-ins via email, text or in-person.

#girlswholift 1.0:
If you're someone who is interested in seriously progressing your fitness routine, educating yourself on proper weight lifting form and movements, and looking to expand your social circle of fellow fit females at LSAC, #girlswholift is an incredible opportunity to jump-start ALL of that. 

#girlswholift 2.0:
Finished strong with #girlswholift 1.0 but still looking to progress your weightlifting game? Have no fear, #girlswholift 2.0 is here! This time around we will move faster and heavier, meaning less rest periods and more work intervals. We will focus on compound movements and lifts (ie. bench press, deadlifts, back and front squats) and explore more athletic-driven, plyometric movements to seriously boost your metabolic system! See you back on the turf.