Polestar Mini-Experience

May 9, 2020

Join us at Studio 1002 on Saturday, May 9th from 8 am-3 pm on to get a taste of Polestar at Chicago's beautiful Studio 1002 Pilates with Polestar Pilates educator, Kate Strozak. Registration is very limited and you will get to experience some of the best of Polestar in an intimate setting. The first half of the Mini-Experience will focus on the nervous system while the second half will focus on fascial tissues.

8 - 9 am: Master Mat class
Access new movement potentials and possibilities in this dynamic, full body Pilates mat class.

9 - 11 am: Patho-kinesiology for Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
This two hour workshop will provide specific indications when working with two types of neurological pathologies including neurological degenerative disease and accidents affecting the neurological system. This instruction will draw on the need for movement-based interventions to improve neuro-plasticity. Pilates unique ability to provide purposeful movement, high non-fatiguing repetitions and a full spectrum orientation to gravity make Pilates a perfect environment for an experienced Pilates teacher to maximize a client’s outcome.

11 - 12 pm: Lunch break
There are many excellent options in close proximity to the studio as well as a fridge and microwave available for use on site.

12 - 2 pm: Fascial Release Through Movement
What are some effective ways to respect fascial tissue in your every day life as well as in movement? Learn fundamental aspects of fascial tissue, ways to keep it healthy, and practical ways to release it through the lense of movement.

2 - 3 pm: Master Mat class
Wind down our experiential day with this restorative and explorative movement class with a focus on fascial tissue glide.

*NCPT pending CECs

Early Registration Rate: $85 
Regular Registration Rate: $170