Bucktown Pop Up: Yoga Mala

September 23, 2018

Studio 4
Allison H.

Yoga Mala is a practice of 108 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), practiced continuously.
108 is a “sacred” number in yoga, but also one of those sort of magical/scientific
numbers that pop up all throughout the known world. Typically broken down into four sets
of 27, each set offers a chance to set a unique intention.
Physically, it’s a challenging strength, endurance, and breathing practice. It can feel
intimidating for people, but it’s very achievable at many levels - participants discover
they’re stronger than they think, they have the power to achieve and shift their
perspective, they find grounding and collective joy in the midst of challenge, and they
surprise themselves with their drive and ability to finish.
SUNDAY, September 23rd