Unleash your Summer Sizzle with Personal Training

CAC_July2019 infographic summer training

Unveil your summer sizzle with personal training Summer is a natural motivator. One personal project may be to hone in on physical fitness. Here are six reasons why summertime is the perfect time to begin a personal training program. 1) Avoiding injuries: The foot and ankle are areas that can be easily injured. These injuries could be avoided if regimented strengthening and flexibility training was done during the cold months. But all of a sudden, it’s warm out and we push our bodies just as hard as we did last year except there was a long cold winter in between that made us a little less pliable and a little too eager to push our joints to their limits. The right training now can help you reach your goals and avoid injuries. 2. Creating a healthy habit: Being in a safe, custom-designed personal training routine will change you for the better and get you closer to your best self. What the summer months do for your new improved self is that you can see and feel the results that normally hide behind all those winter layers. The old “it’s too cold to get out of bed and get to the gym” excuse is not an option in the summer and you can truly see what a little consistency and guidance will do for your body. 3. Working with a coach: Some people with old broken New Year’s resolutions may think it’s too late to change bad habits. Others will use the warm weather and unhappiness with their body to try some extreme measures to get a rushed result, which doesn’t last and can be dangerous. Personal trainers are great coaches who will motivate you and set you up for the long, steady haul of health and wellness, as well as get you back on course if you wander off a little. 4. Making a connection: When coming to a club, you’ll love the support you get from a community of like-minded people, and from the individual attention provided by a personal trainer. With the summer months here, it’s easier than ever to start your routine, meet some new people along the way, and eventually have a separate group of friends that encourage you to be better than you were yesterday. 5. Finding nutritious options: Nutrition and fitness go hand and in hand and have never been easier than in the summer. With farmers’ markets in abundance throughout every neighborhood you can truly reap the benefits of that refreshing smoothie or hearty salad with in-season produce. A personal trainer will design an appropriate, customizable plan that doesn’t leave you eating rabbit food. Pairing personal training and cleaner eating is a powerful combination for your mind, body and productivity. 6. Letting your light shine: Summer is the time of year for barbecues, weddings, reunions, beach and boat outings. Your summer social calendar fills up with events and outdoor fun., A and your clothing pares down to reveal more you. There’s no reason why you can’t look and feel your best at every gathering, make the most out of summertime, be more confident, and sizzle. Source: Matt Hongosh, personal trainer and nutrition coach at West Loop, Chicago Athletic Clubs