Swimming, Climbing and Teams

Because your life is sport.

Maybe you're the type of person who craves more than just a treadmill and free weights.  We got your back.  Because CAC offers specialty programs that cater to the athletes in all of us.

Swim Lessons and Masters Swim
You know that swimming is one of the best total body workouts you can get.  And you know its a life skill that is definitely worth having.  So start making it part of your routine.  Our Adult Swim Lessons give swim workout structure for all levels from beginning swimmers to advanced.  And when you're ready, graduate to our Masters Swim Team and put your new skills to the real-life competition test.

You've seen our walls.  You've wanted to climb them.  What's stopping you?  Get certified to climb at our Lakeview, Lincoln Park or Evanston locations and come by whenever the walls are open to get a taste of being on top.  Never tried? Time to start.  Just sign up for an Adult Climbing Class and you'll be up the rope on your own in no time.

Triathlon Club
Speed is your name and cross-training is your game.  You like to stay fit by staying in the competition.  If this sounds like you, then it's time you signed up for our CAC Triathlon Club.  Train with like-minded athletes to compete in actual triathlons accross the state.  There's just no feeling like crossing that finish line, and what better way to top off your workout?